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How Do You Know When The Time Is Right For You?


If you’re a senior and considering a move, when is the right time for the right move? How do you know when it’s right for you?

No two of us are the same, nor is every situation the same, however there are some common situations many seniors share.

Listed below are some of the more typical reasons someone would decide to move; possibly “downsizing” a living environment?  Some may appear to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, yet they’re also very real.



  • House is too large, too much to take care of, you’d like less responsibility, and have more time to enjoy yourself.

  • Move closer to family, see more of your grown kids and grand kids.

  • Move further from the family, just too darn much time spent taking care of the grand kids.

  • Or, you need to move, to get the last kid out of the house.

  • Tired of continually fixing things…wanting to maintain your independence by not relying on family and friends for repairs.

  • Maybe you prefer a more active social life, and would prefer to be around others.

  • Health issues, tired of stairs, need or prefer to have a single story home.

  • Financial considerations, possibly free locked-up equity for remaining years while also maintaining other investments.

  • Divorce:- it can happen at any time of life.

  • Spending the kid’s inheritance and do something just for yourself for a change.  This is time for you to enjoy the “some-days” of your life. You’ve earned it!

Going Solo… Or Family Ties?

Often times, moving can be difficult; it can also be an absolute necessity. If your home is the “family homestead”, be prepared!  This could be even more emotional on everyone in the family.  Adult children may or may not be in support of your move, yet it´s good to get another opinion.  Also, don’t rule out the help of others; a trusted adviser, a very close friend and professional peers.  Try to understand both sides of the issue and explore your options.  Remember, your decision may not be a popular choice.   Unless you have a compelling need to make the move, it’s also okay  to delay your decision until the time is right. If you’ve made the decision, keep first things first and in perspective!

 “What can I do to impact the value of my home for the least amount of money?”

Answer? Start Packing ~ that’s it!

Senior moving tips 

You’re going to move your things anyway, right? It seems like the longer you’ve lived in your home, the longer you’ve stayed on one place, and the more you’ve accumulated. That’s especially true for seniors.

Remember less is better when it comes to selling your home.  Buyers need to see your home, and not your possessions.  The home selling tips on the next page are to be taken seriously. If you’re in doubt call me, Maria Moukas, to discuss your options.

Assuming you’ve made the decision to move, what happens next?  

Do you sell your home and then find another?  Good question! It all boils down to the following Cliché... "Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? " Best solution!  Have a plan prior to selling your home. This is where I help guide you make and execute your plan of action!

Some agents will tell you that it’s best to sell first, yet without a safety net, unless you have a backup plan, it’s risky!  Depending on the re-sale demand in the market-place, it can take 6 days to 6 months to sell your home.  Although it’s not easy to negotiate this type of sale, it can be accomplished.  In the event you have a fast sale, be prepared to be flexible and have a contingency plan in place.  Canada’s home sellers enjoyed a strong market in the early 2000’s, yet we all know that the economic and market conditions for the Real Estate Market have changed. 


All the more reason to work with a pro, to work with me, Maria Moukas, a SRES® (Seniors Real Estate Specialist)!

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