Selling a senior's most valued and valuable asset, their home, and the subsequent move, often requires unique expertise on a number of different fronts. One compelling reason to choose a SRES® Broker is that you'll gain access to their network of related service professionals. For seniors, that includes specialists across a wide array of financial, legal, property and personal services, from estate planning to downsizing.


Sometimes an older parent has a trusted Notary and accountant. If they don't, a SRES® Broker can usually refer them and their adult children to Notarys, estate planners, financial planners and tax advisors with experience.


A SRES® Broker maintains a professional network that includes individuals who can help with various steps of the sale and move, offering assistance on these and other matters:

  • The decision to sell: reverse mortgage counselors can look at ways to use the home's equity to allow a senior to remain in their home, if that's preferred.

  • Prior to listing: tax specialists and financial planners  examine ways to protect assets.

  • Preparing the home for showing: handymen, landscapers and home staging.

  • Legal considerations: real estate Lawyers to help with estate planning or closing

  • Moving: downsizing experts, senior moving specialists, estate sale planners, storage facilities


A SRES® Broker also has ties throughout the local senior community. Many agents actively participate in a variety of senior and community service organizations. They can provide referrals to resources such as Meals on Wheels, public benefit offices, transitional services, life coaches, grief counselors, and other services, as needed.

The SRES® Professional Network

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